Sex scandal and Swamijis
Renowned Indian Astrologer and Tarot Card reader Jayashree

Date : 14th Sep 2013

All of a sudden lot of spiritual gurus are out in the media for wrong reasons. Why is it so? Astrologically from the indian independence horoscope, we are running saturn dasa and rahu antaram. This is taken from the lagna angle of the dasa. Rahu is in the rishaba and 9th and 10th lord being saturn is in the 6th house in transit with rahu. So all the spiritual gurus are into big problem. Till saturn moves into virchika, the problems will crop up again and again. Asaram Bapu's problem opened up when jupiter was transiting aruda nakshatra. When transit jupiter moved into the nakshatra of punarvasu, things subsided. So when saturn and rahu separates, the sex and scandals of swamijis will stop. But indian spirituality is riding on the momentum and the punya created by the indian rishi parampara. So till rishi punya is there, indian spirituality will survive no matter whatever scandals come.