RBI Governer - Raghuram Rajan
Renowned Indian Astrologer and Tarot Card reader Jayashree

Date : 14th Sep 2013

Raghuram Rajan the new RBI governor who had taken charge of the central instuition is completely a new comer and belongs to non banking sector. Usually it will be the bankers from various governmental banks will take charge of the RBI. This is the new trend of an NRI who had exposture to the international financial segment has taken charge when india is in the midst of a financial crisis.

Raghuram Rajan was born on feb 3rd, 1963 in Bhopal. His ascendant is that of mesha. Based on the nadi principles, from Jupiter the 6th lord moon is in the 4th house. So in the initial years he was not in his birthplace and the entire schooling he did it in different places and countries. Also from the dasa of venus his 4th lord is in the 3rd house. So he travelled. When sun period started he came out in flying colours as from mercury, karaka of education it was 9th lord period and also followed by the vipareet raja yoga period of moon.

His horoscope shows Saturn and sun which is 5th and 10th lord conjunction in the 10th house along with kethu. So he got job as teaching faculty in his area of expertise and kethu antaram started he was given the charge of youngest-ever Economic Counselor and Director of Research (chief economist) at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from October 2003 to December 2006. In 2003, he was also the inaugural recipient of the Fischer Black Prize awarded by the American Finance Association for contributions to the theory and practice of finance by an economist under age 40. The Center for Financial Studies (CFS) has awarded the 5th Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics to Raghuram G. Rajan for his highly influential contributions in a remarkably broad range of areas in financial economics. With the start of rahu dasa his raja yoga started as rahu is in the 7th house from the karaka and also in the 4th house from the lagna. This period also saw him getting reconnected with his home country

The predictions for raghuram rajan is as follows

  • Basically Raghuram Rajan is an outsider and he will be more successful outside india his birth place
  • Saturn and sun is in grahayudha in the natal chart. His views and speech will be always against the government. He will be against the elite group of the politicians who support various lobbies.
  • Whatever he says and quoted will not be accepted either by politicians or financial bankers.
  • But his ideas and views will get reflected in the reality after a period of time.
  • Under his administration it will be difficult for him to implement his ideas because of saturn and sun combination. He will shine very well as a teacher.
  • He will be remembered well for his policies, ideas and visions posthumously.
  • His stint will be very brief as when saturn enters into scorpio, his position will be at stake.
  • He will be very good as advisory to the government and if he gives ideas as an outsider rather than being an administrator of RBI.
  • His views will be difficult to be accpeted and implemented. There will be lot of elements of truth and reality.
  • His policy and style will be exactly opposite to the operation style of Ben Bernanke and alan greenspan.
  • He will move in and out of India often.
  • He will be a financial visionary and teacher penning lot of books
  • He will shine more as a man with brilliant economy theories rather than person implementing it
  • He will groom lot of people in fianancial markets in the jupiter dasa in 2024 which will be his 9th lord period.
  • His career will be long and respected by all. He will receive lot of awards and well accepted in the media