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Poojas are done to please the diety using the 108 names of the devata. With the pooja being done for one mandala there will be flow of divine light and divine energy. This will help you to handle the issues and problems with ease. There are general poojas as well the poojas recommended based on the horoscope or astrology combination

General Pooja

  • Saraswathi pooja- for education
  • Mahalskhmi pooja- gaining wealth
  • Dhanvantari pooja- good health
  • Anjaneyar pooja- for strength and clearing fear
  • Subramanya pooja- for warding off enemies

Specific Pooja- Poojas are based on the planetary combination in the natal chart. Analysis of the horoscope will be done before ascertain the poojas that has to be done based on the nature and the depth of the problem.