India in this Transit
Renowned Indian Astrologer and Tarot Card reader Jayashree

Date : 25th Aug 2013

When one charts the india’s independence horoscope it will be the ascendant of Taurus with rahu in the ascendant. Saturn is transiting the 6th house from the bhava chart. Added to it from the bhukthi lord rahu, Saturn is transiting the 6th house along with rahu and Jupiter is transiting the 7th and the 12th lord.

Prediction fro India

There will be lot of tension and aggravation of any issues. Small events and issues will get aggravated. Telangana issues will not get resolved till Saturn transits into the 7th house. Economical crisis and rupee weakening will be there. IT companies will regulate their financial spending. Their profit margins will be less. Sensex will not do well. Proportionately gold prices will go up There will be a slug in the property market till Saturn enters into virchika In the political front there will be alliance formation and alliance breakup which will happen naturally. Since rahu and Saturn are in conjunction in the house of venus, women getting raped, women abuse will be common. Also there will be lot of change in the field of media, cinema and television. Stars getting into problem will be quite common. Weather pattern will behave erratically and hence the agricultural output will suffer. Skirmish with the neighbouring countries will continue as at times it will get escalated especially in the month of October and November. So till Saturn is goes into the 7th house, indian politicians will have lot of loose ends to tie.