Actor Dhanush Horoscope and Future
Renowned Indian Astrologer and Tarot Card reader Jayashree

Date : 20 July Aug 2013 9:15 PM

ThanthiTV gave me a big opportunity to do a Tarot Reading in their show Natpudan Apsara. The first episode was doing the tarot reading for Actor Dhanush and Actress Amala Paul. As I was talking with Dhanush I was amazed at his humbleness and the approach towards life. So I casted his chart. He is thula lagna with Saturn in the lagna. This explains his dark feature with matured look and short stature. Despite his shortcoming in his persona he is attractive which is deep and genuine. Kethu and Mars is in the 2nd house. He got married to a woman who is elder to him. He had a frank speech and he also speaks slowly with lot of thinking. He has Moon, Sun and Venus in the 10th house. This is a Raja Yoga part of life. The moment his work opened up, his personality and life has changed. This is because of lagna lord in the 10th house. As the work moves up the personality, thinking and character will change. As Jupiter transited the 10th lord in 2002, he made his first movie with his brother. The debutant movie was a great success. It was also the raja yoga period of sun which catapulted him to a star. The next big success that changed his career path happened when Saturn entered the 10th house with the movie Yardi Nee Mohini. Now he is running Venus period followed by Sun and Moon bhukthi. This is all the Raja Yoga period which will make him to have big breaks in the career. The starting point is his break into the Hindi filmdom with his unconventional look. He has broken the barrier of the hero look and the Tamil actor entering the hind films.

  • Now after one year Jupiter will also enter his 10th house. So there will be a breakout. He will cross many barrier and mind set like this. He can become the man who took the Tamil movies, his unconventional look and the hero mindset to another level. He will also get into Hollywood movies as Jupiter leaves his 10th house.
  • His spouse will also become successful in her own level.
  • With Mars and Kethu combination there will be sparks and rumors about his link with other female artists and women.
  • 2014 and 2015 can be a dull period or a period faced with lot of challenges.
  • In 2016, Dhanush will have the restart of Raja Yoga where his dimension of approach towards movies, acting and making will change.
  • When Venus Maha Dasa starts in 2019 he will become an iconic figure in the field of Indian film industry. From there he will get into Hollywood. He can become the silent man with unconventional looks who revolutionized the film industry