Arvind Kejriwal - Swearing In An Analysis
Renowned Indian Astrologer and Tarot Card reader Jayashree

Date : 14th Jan 2013

Arvind kejriwal was sworn in on 28th December of 2013 at 12pm in meena lagnam with moon in the rasi of thula. Basically the coronation chart looks very good except for the Saturn and moon in 8thhouse. The new government had sworn in during the combination of Saturn and rahu. So when Saturn and rahu gets separated, the government will have some form of crisis. This crisis can deepen when Jupiter transits into the rashi of simha in January 2015. Surviving the onslaught till April 2016 will be difficult. So there is less chances of the government going full term.

The coronation chart shows the parivartana of Jupiter and Mercury. So the government policies and protocols will go on well. But mercury is associated with sun. So the tension of outside support of congress will prevail. They can implement what they talk. With 2ndlord mars, their speech will be fiery and aggressive. They can convince people very easily. Saturn, moon and rahu in the 8th house and also there is parivartana of Saturn and venus. Financial flow will be tight. They will have difficulty in making the union government to pool in the money for their reforms. Also the government can tumble down because of finance. Poorva punya sthan is affected. So his popularity will dip and he will not be invincible. So the government will go on well till this year. With mercury, Jupiter and mars well poised, they will make a dent in the Indian politics. Also they will be daredevils in changing the plans, protocols and scenario of the political system.